The growing prevalence of complex multi- and hybrid-cloud environments has opened a Pandora’s Box of unseen risks around security and performance. 

But unlike when IT and network operators had the tools and access to track their own internal systems and data, the mixed-cloud model of today is much harder to know and secure. Pandora’s Box is open but observing what’s going on in and around it is cloaked by inadequate means to gain actionable insights amid all the distributed variables.

Enter deep observability and its capabilities, which are designed to provide rich access to multi-cloud and mixed-network behaviors. Such observations and data gathering can be analyzed to rapidly secure end-to-end applications and protect sensitive data.

Stay with BriefingsDirect as we explore the latest advances around deep observability, and show how a neutral deployment approach for observation technology spans more infrastructure and services to best protect and accelerate digital business success.

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To learn how deep observability puts cloud chaos and hard-to-know risks back under control, BriefingsDirect welcomes Shane Buckley, President and CEO of Gigamon. The discussion is moderated by Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

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