We’re all now part of a massive worldwide experiment about the very definition of work. Remote, in-office — or tightrope walking along some sliding scale between the two?

How each business and each worker finds the next new work-life balance remains an ongoing "work in progress." In the post-rapid adoption of remote work world -- a full two and half years after the onset of COVID -- there’s no definitive answer on which approach to hybrid work works best.

And the technology tools and solutions — many designed for an earlier in-office era — are not necessarily up to the task. The perceptions and preferences of bosses and workers alike are in a seemingly unending transition. Nothing quite seems fit for the new, still-to-be-defined purpose. 

So, what is the eventual end-state of hybrid work? Will the process of finding it provoke new forms of innovation, opportunity, and technological success? Or will productivity and work-life balance suffer amid a period of tension, power plays, and years of seesawing trial and error approaches to hybrid work?

Stay with BriefingsDirect to explore here the drivers and opportunities to get the future of hybrid work right -- perhaps sooner rather than later.

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To learn more about what makes hybrid work move to an arc of opportunity, and not wallow in a trough of complexity and confusion, please welcome Amy Haworth, Founder and CEO of Nobody Makes it Alone, and Tim Minahan, Executive Vice President of Strategy at Citrix. The conversation is moderated by Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions.
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For those tasked with delivering unwavering performance of their apps and data, there have never been more unknowns to account for and manage. That’s because today’s hybrid clouds and mixed-network environments come with a multitude of dynamic variables -- and an unprecedented degree of complexity.

Yet modern digital business demands that the entire constellation of these far-flung cloud services, resources, and application constituent parts coalesce perfectly. The end result must be real-time and always-on user experiences that delight, and business transactions that are both highly secure and never fail.

Bridging the gap between such daunting complexity and awesome performance and security requirements means gaining the best visibility into all aspects of the hybrid- and multi-cloud continuum.

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Stay with us as BriefingsDirect explores the ways that deep observability moves past the limitations of metrics, events, logs, and traces to deliver far richer and faster data-driven insights. By exploiting these new means of pervasive deep observability, the highest levels of security, performance, and agility can be attained by nearly any business and organization.

To learn how, please welcome Bassam Khan, Vice-President of Product and Technical Marketing Engineering at Gigamon. The interview is moderated by Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

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